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non-destructable tagging systems

Kodit is a high quality, uniquely numbered tag bonded to an item of equipment with an Ultra-Violet "aircraft wing" adhesive coupled with a secure database to prove legal ownership.

Kodit is a total service designed to solve the following crucial problems your 
company's needs. This includes:

  • Thefts of Assets
  • Asset/Audit control
  • Laptop control
  • Computer chip theft
Kodit also offers a full customisation service to tailor the tag to meet your company's needs. This includes:
  • Post Code
  • Company logos

  • (reproduced exactly in pantone colours)
  • Barcodes
  • Write-on strips
  • Printed or embossed information
  • Several size tags to suit clients needs
All too often asset/security tags are easily removed or defaced. This leads to the breakdown of internal controls and further costs to your organisation.

Kodit tags will remain in place from the date of delivery of the asset to it's date of disposal.

The Kodit service is simple but extremely effective and is proven to save your company money and provide it with solutions to problems that are considered of key importance.

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